Apathy for the India Media

Something caught my mind from the recent fracas between journalists and lawyers in Bengaluru. Inadvertently Arnab Goswami ended up asking the right question on “The News Hour” although his debate was total crap! “How can India remain so silent (when the media is attacked)?” Earlier in the day twitter was filled with jokes and jabs […]

Non-profit Heritage

I picked up a copy of GovernanceNow for the first time and happened to come across an article by George Jacob (a former international museum director and founder). The article primarily revolved around how India could improve the perception of its heritage and history by improving museums and historical sites. The article had quite a […]

Aadarniya Anna Hazareji, I’m confused

Anna Hazare has been sitting on a fast-unto-death crusade against corruption and in support of the JanLokPal bill as against the LokPal bill suggested by the Congress-led UPA2 govt. In a initial disclaimer I’d like to state that I have respect for Anna Hazare and this is in no way meant to belittle his efforts […]

Where’s the poop?

Consider the following facts: Parliament has not been working for the last 12 days or so. The entire winter session. Bills that were to be discussed will remain undiscussed. For all practical purposes the govt. has been paralyzed. The govt. and the opposition is in a long game of chicken to see who blinks first. […]

A model for corporatization of agriculture in India

Objectives To promote widespread corporatization of agriculture Improve professionalism in agri-business Increase private investments in agriculture support activities like irrigation projects, research and development, training, etc. Encourage increase of cultivable land in India by creating business cases for them Improve agri-metrics like yield/hectare, etc. Improve agri-produce marketing and sales and hence reduce small player unlawful […]