AAPs journalist core failing?

AAP is a party built on journalists. The Delhi Deputy CM used to be a journalist. The head of the Delhi Dialogue Commission is one and so are most senior AAP leaders. For all practical purposes the aam aadmi party was built around a journalist strategy by which former journalists now as members of the […]

A visual look at the Indian National Budget

I’ve always been troubled by the fact that I never really understood how much our budget numbers were. Every article I read stats are thrown about, 2% of GDP, 6% growth, spending of $250Mn, etc, but they are never put in context. How much do we spend for Defence? What are Sonia Gandhi’s “social” schemes […]

In defense of Direct Cash Transfers

The media, the blogosphere and twitter is abuzz with the UPA’s announcement of the start of Direct Cash Transfer (DCT) scheme for subsidy payments. This is quite an ambitious scheme by any measure and intends to use the Aadhaar platform as a backbone to roll out Direct Cash transfers to the subsidy earners. As can […]

Questions for Arvind Kejriwal

Since Mr. Kejriwal has decided to jump into electoral politics, I’d like some media outlet to ask him the following questions to understand his political stance. The questions are in random order: What is your stance on Retail FDI? Should it be introduced Would Narendra Modi make a good Future PM? What is your opinion […]

Stop printing rupees

What would happen if the Indian government tomorrow decided to shut down all their mints. Never to print rupees again? Let’s say if you summed up all the money in the country today – Add all the money in all the bank accounts, all the money in all the wallets, under mattresses and in safes […]