Arvind Kejriwal: Wasteful bureaucrat still 

I have been trying to wrap my mind around what drives Arvind Kejriwal. I was always sure he’d go after ever increasing power and control. He craves it and is willing to go to any length to wrest control from others.

But what’s surprising is his affinity towards such crazy wasteful government expenditure. Sample the following:

  1. 400% hike for himself and his MLAs, especially considering he doesn’t have a portfolio and essentially does nothing.
  2. Political secretary posts for his non-minister MLAs.
  3. Education Advisory boards/Delhi dialogue commission/Hospital administrators to pay his non-elected coterie on the govt dime
  4. Crazy support staff and insane salaries
  5. Twin Bungalows offices
  6. 525 Cr taxpayer money to feed his ego with grand hoardings of himself/Senseless radio ads/Full page ads in newspapers

All this just points to one thing. Kejriwal is still that wasteful bureaucrat at heart. Taxpayer money to fund his every whim and fancy and keep his coterie well fed. There is no shame forthcoming from him on these because he believes this is what the taxpayers owe him.

This seems to point towards what might be the case when bureaucrats jump to political leadership. Just one data point though. Maybe others will be different.

The most heart wrenching aspect to all this is how he holds back salaries owed to blue collar workers who live on hand to mouth salaries to fund his wasteful expenditure extravaganza. Also pretty typical insensitivity from a traditional babu.


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